Indiegogo Campaign

If you follow me on Twitter (@JustinSpaulding) you have noticed tweets about our project, Vet24seven and its upcoming Indiegogo campaign (beginning a week from today, October 21st).

Let me give you the quick & dirty on some very exciting news!  I am going to do this in two sections. 1) What is Vet24seven? 2) What the hell is Indiegogo anyways?

1) What is Vet24seven?

Vet24seven revolutionizes pet healthcare by making your smart phone your pet’s veterinary advice portal. And here’s how it works:

1. Open the app on your mobile device and select your personal or next available veterinarian from the Vet24seven Network to respond to your concern or question.

2. Select a desired time frame for a response to your inquiry and the method in which you would like to communicate.

3. Upload a photo and/or video of your concern, and provide a description.

4. Send it off to be answered by a Vet24seven veterinarian. The veterinarian receives your message, evaluates your request and responds via the app with a written response or live chat, and instructions (e.g., written, photos, video) for a home-based course of action or recommendation for a vet visit, if necessary. This is called a v-consult (virtual consult).

5. Receive your answer on whether or not the pet should be seen immediately in person.

2) What the hell is Indiegogo anyways?

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform where people, who want to raise money for their projects, can create fundraising campaigns to tell their story and get the word out. People contribute to campaigns for many reasons, but usually it’s because they want to be involved in what the campaign is doing or because they want the rewards that are part of the campaign.

Vet24seven’s goal is to raise $50,000 throughout our 45 day campaign, be sure to checkout, back and then share our project with your friends and social media followers!

 Follow on twitter: @Vet24seven



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Build Your Fortune, Not Someone Else’s

Funny story, at least to me.

A friend, I wouldn’t say close friend, but a friend from college graduated last spring and got a job instantly.  He had a lot of offers to choose from and it took him awhile to decide.  Once he did, he lasted the summer, but now, after a total of 4 months working there, he quit.

This is someone who has shown an interest in what I do with AdvoCare. (I dare you to watch this video and then get ahold of me!)  I have told him many times about the opportunity and how I could help him.  He always says, “Not yet” or “Maybe soon, once life settles down.”

So once he quit I approached him about AdvoCare, and he was willing to listen – again.  He even got excited about it this time.

After I told him how much it has grown for myself and others who I have helped and where we are going with it, his response was, “Honestly, I just need to find a job now, stuff is crazy, I have no idea what I want to do.”


This is the problem.  He thinks if he changes jobs things will be better, different from before. The truth is, he won’t happy working for someone else.  He will not be happy working days, weeks, months, years on someone else’s fortune.  He is just to scared, to do what he really wants.

Whether he gets involved in AdvoCare is indifferent to me.  I know where I am going, I don’t really care who decides to come with because whoever does and let’s us help will be successful.

What do I hate seeing?

I hate seeing so many people so capable of doing great things being to scared to chase their dreams.

Don’t have any regrets!  Getting a 9-5 while you start chasing your dream is fine.  But start something on the side that is your own.  Something you are passionate about and put sometime into it.  You will be amazed with where you are at a year from now.

Why do you want to get an hourly wage building someone elses fortune for them, when you have a passion that can start building your fortune today!?

Don’t be scared, and if you are face the fear and JUST DO IT! (Being confident might help)

Confidence the Cure

How important is confidence?

Let me share three stories on confidence and why it’s important.

The first story is from my football playing days.  I began my collegiate football career at powerhouse University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Although as a freshman I got to play a small amount, win a conference championship and go to a national championship, I was not happy being there.

A man who I had known since my early years in high school named Stan Zweifel instilled the confidence in me.  While I was at UW-Whitewater, we were getting ready to fly to Virginia for the national championship game.  Two days before we left, I got word that he was named the head coach at the University of Dubuque.  Right then, I knew that’s where I would be the next fall.

The University of Dubuque football team hadn’t won a conference championship in three decades and the team’s performance was brutal the years leading to our arrival there.  But every day Coach Z told us that we would win a conference championship – he guaranteed it.

The first two years were rough, building years.  But my senior year he led us to the conference championship game, where we won.  If not for his confidence which was close to and probably is cockiness we would not have been there.  We would not have survived the tough, long days and seasons of loosing.  Because even as a team who was at five hundred and below, he would tell us how great we are, and how great we were going to become. Not only would he tell us, he would tell everyone! That’s confidence.

My second story is with a current project I am involved in, of which I am a Co-Founder – Vet24Seven.  Our CEO, who has decades of experience in the technology sector has confidence.  He has raised $100+ million dollars for other ventures and knows we are going to reach our goals.  He talks big, and has big ideas to back them up.  His voice is always strong, and he is never hesitant.  He makes the rest of his team, who are also very confident people, believe that this can be a company worth $800 million one day once we branch out into other areas of emphasis.  Confidence!

My third story is about a friend, Saree Zweifel (Coach Z’s daughter), who through Girls on Target (located in San Diego) builds a young girls/woman’s confidence.  She is making a living, doing something she loves, by raising CONFIDENCE levels!

Confidence is obviously a huge deal and many people recognize this.  Confidence makes you feel comfortable with who you are, what you do, and not worry about the haters.  Confidence let’s you live a joyful life and is a stress reducer.  Confidence is something that everyone has, some just initially have trouble letting it shine.  Confidence allows you to carry out your life’s dreams no matter what they be.

Be confident in what you do, who you are, where you are going.  Be confident in yourself and feel the weight come off your shoulders.

More Phone Calls, More Success

A few weeks ago I was bored.  Normally my mind races 1,000x more than the next person, but when I’m bored is when it really takes off.  I like my ADD.

I started wondering what determines success?

Obviously a lot goes into this equation.  But what I find is that days I spend a lot of time on the phone means a great reward over the next few days, weeks, months – more importantly years.

What is a lot of time?

When I say spending a lot of time on the phone I’m not talking about chit-chatting, bull shitting, complaining, or gossiping.  I am talking about getting things accomplished.  So when I was bored I went back through my phones history from a few days earlier.  In one 18 hour span, I was on the phone 89 times.  This was incoming and outgoing.  The number also includes 12 outgoing calls that went unanswered and 6 incoming calls that were unanswered.

Three of those calls were 3 way calls I did with my AdvoCare business builders and their new potential business builders.  Those calls are expected to be longer, and they were in fact the longest of the day – all around 20 minutes. A majority of the other calls ranged from 2 to 3 minutes – some were less & very few were more. Straight and to the point.

So what all did I have going on at that point in time that had that many calls?

AdvoCare.  3 way calls, quick calls to the up line, quick calls to the ever-growing down line, and checking in with current retail customers who just started product.  Also reaching out to those who are interested in product or the business, but have yet to pull the trigger.

Real Estate. This was a few days before we closed on the property. Numerous calls to and from the attorney, real estate agent, title company, the to be mortgage holder, our builder and my dad. Also had to call the electric, sewer & water, and disposal companies.

App 1 – SkeePet.  Our designer, developer, and my dad.

App 2 – Vet24Seven. Our business team of 8, the Co-Founders; including dad, and the CEO of Recom Technologies in Silicon Valley.

Where it stands out most is in my AdvoCare business.  The more I am on the phone with our great team, the more success I see down the road.  It is less visible with the Apps and real estate because those are longer term projects.  I would love to somehow have my stats from my phone automatically saved (they already are) and reported to me in a cool chart.

Cell phones make productivity increase exponentially if you use them correctly.