AdvoCare-A Lifetime of Opportunity

Parents and children, coaches and athletes, bosses and employees.  Everyone is looking for an increase in energy, better athletic performance, weight loss or just overall improvement of wellness.  Oh, did I mention a plan b income?  There are multiple solutions out there, but do all solutions find results?  Now I already had an AdvoCare post on Fanbox, but deleted my account and was not allowed to transfer the post to Word Press.

What is AdvoCare?  AdvoCare is a network marketing company specializing in healthy lifestyles.  They have the most effective and safe supplements on the planet.  There are 160+ products for newborns, grandparents and anyone in between.  Their products help resolve scenarios such as a lack of energy, sore joints, dehydration, obesity, etc, etc.

Now, what makes AdvoCare such a great company?  I have a few answers for that:

  1. The consumer is the distributor.  This allows for the companies profits to be shared, in extreme portions, with those who want to help other people reach their wellness goals.  It is not unreasonably hard to bring yourself an extra $1,000 per month in exchange for a consistent 2-3 hours per week.   The only place you can get the product is an individual distributor.  You cannot simply walk into a GNC, or Wal-Mart and find AdvoCare products on the shelf.  AdvoCare allows people to be involved in four different ways-which is something for another post.  There is a place for EVERYONE.
  2. AdvoCare’s Scientific-Medical Advisory Board.  This is how I can help many others, without having a dietician label to my name.  I do not need to know what every ingredient does, and I never claim to.  AdvoCare’s Sci-Med board consists of 8 scientists and researches that have been involved with universities such as UC-Davis and Yale and 275+ years of experience.  They have numerous awards and honors, you know what they put in the product is going to be safe and most effective.  Whenever someone wants to argue over why a product has “x” ingredient my response is simple and standard.  “Look, I don’t know and I don’t want to argue over ingredients.  If you think you have the credentials to argue with our Sci-Med board that is fine, but this is what works for me and makes me feel great.”
  3. Champion Endorsers.  Unlike any other company on this planet AdvoCare’s endorsers are financially uncompensated.  Instead they get $3,000 of free product per year.  So our National Spokesperson Drew Brees and other endorsers such as Colt McCoy and Jason Witten, to name two, take the product because THEY ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.  GNC has to pay their endorsers tens of thousands per year for a reason!Advocare
  4. Informed Choice.  This is another reason why the endorsers are financially uncompensated.  Informed choice tests for all professional, collegiate and olympic sports banned substances.  Athletes never have to worry about positive drug tests if AdvoCare supplements are what they are putting in their body.  And as a collegiate athlete, I was on ten products when I got tested in the fall of 2011.  All results negative.
  5. The consumer is the distributor.  Just thought I should mention this again.  With it being Christmas, I know of a family who has been able to go above and beyond with gifts for their children this year because AdvoCare allowed them to help others and be compensated for it!

AdvoCare is full of great people and I have many outstanding stories that I will profile here on Word Press.  I will be highlighting two AdvoCare stories per month in which I will interview someone who has had a life changing experience with AdvoCare.  My goal is to share stories, those from all different backgrounds, to make a connection to either help you grow your current AdvoCare business or to get you started and involved.  Stay tuned, the first story next week is a dandy! 🙂

Have a Merry Christmas, and if our connection fails until then, a Happy New Year.

Make everyday count!


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