Goals 2013

AdvoCare 3 Star Gold

-AdvoCare 6 Star Ruby

-Purchase 2 income producing real-estate properties

-Read 2 books per month

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November, December

-$300 one month income from Ebooks

-Run 5 minute mile

-Bench 225 30x

-Obtain real-estate salesperson license

-Obtain real-estate brokers license

-Create income producing App

-Visit Shannon in Mexico City

-500 Unique Blog Visitors per month

-See all of Sara’s regular season soccer games

-Guest write on YoungEntreprenuer.com

-Attend Michael Zumchek class

-Become involved in Madison/Chicago entrepreneur & business groups

-Attend both AdvoCare success schools & bring with a total of 15 combined teammates between the two

-10 Speaking engagements (not counting AdvoCare events w/ <20 people)


2 thoughts on “Goals 2013

  1. scottspauldingdvm

    Wow, awesome! Love you publishing your goals for the world to see, let’s figure out a way to hold your feet to the fire! Any social-media platform in mind?

    Where’s your recommended reading list? What are you reading now?

    5 minute mile? Wow! I love having one big, audacious goal on every goal list! Go for it!

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