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Southern Florida Hunt, Fish & Vacation

Alert, alert, alert.

For those who love to travel and possess a fancy for adventure stay tuned.

This Friday myself, along with 3 close friends will be traveling to southern Florida.   Our adventures will take us to Fort Lauderdale the first night, the Florida Keys for shark fishing Saturday, and central Florida for boar/migratory bird hunting on Sunday.

We will be video documenting our trip and I hope to post them at the end of each day.  At the latest everything will be up Tuesday night.

You never know what you will get out of this group of amateurs, but last year I was able to reel in an 8 foot 150 pound shark, and stabbed my first boar.  It is unlikely I will successfully shoot a migratory bird as shooting the broad side of your neighbors barn would challenge me.

Our cast will include; a long time avid outdoors man (Bergy), a country boy who caught his first fish in his mid 30’s (Brad), a fishing/hunting addict who likes to think he knows what he’s talking about 🙂 (Drew), and myself, who frankly knows nothing about fishing or hunting.

Prepare for a comical adventure.

Beginner or expert, feel free to share your hunting/fishing experiences!


3 Simple Steps to Weight Loss

As many of you know the United States is becoming unitedly obese.  Almost 37% of adults and 17% of children in this country fall into this label.  WHAT!? More than 1 out of 3 adults!  This doesn’t include the number that are over weight.  In a country that is well into using plus size MRI machines, the smart thing to do would to go outside this country for answers.

In the spring of 2011 our college football team traveled to Italy for ten days.  While walking around Venice there was an obvious misplacement of obese people, in large part due to their small portions.  For lunch, we stopped at a pizza place.  It was one of the most tasty pizzas I have ever had.  But the size of this pizza still lingers in my head today.  It was a quarter of the amount of food you would have had in America.  Even the McDonald’s Big Mac is smaller there!!!

The first step to losing weight is an internal decision that you personally make.  No matter how bad  a loved one may want it for you, if you do not want it for yourself, it will not happen.  Your destiny depends on YOUR decisions AND THEN discipline.

The next step I recommend is to cut your portions!  I am not saying eliminate.  Elimination would last for one, two, maybe three days but then lead to failure and hoplessness.  Instead, for example, if you are someone who drinks 10 sodas per day, cut it down to 8.  As time passes, cut it down to 6, 3, 2.  Soon enough you might surprise yourself and find that you have one per month.

Finally, begin working out.  When I say workout, just be more active.  If you have not worked out since you were in high school ten years ago it is not a good idea to go for a two mile run.  And if you have absolutely no desire to workout, start by picking a parking spot at the back of the parking lot so you have to walk farther.  Every step you take counts.  If you do head to the gym start slow.  If you pound your body into submission and you are not mentally or phisically prepared for it you will regret it the next morning!  When you wake up so sore you can’t sit on the John 🙂 it will again be ten years inbetween workouts.

These steps can be done in any order.  And if you feel you need to switch it up for better results please do so.

You can also use correct supplementation to help with your weight loss process.  By “supplement” I mean, “in addition to eating healthy.”  You should never think just supplements alone are good for you!!!  Click here to see more on supplementation.

Happy Friday!  And be sure to look late Sunday night/early Monday morning for the new “Motivational Monday” segment.


5 Minute Stretching Rountine


This routine can apply for anyone; athletes, workout enthusiasts, or those who possess sore muscles.  In my dads case he was sore from traveling and working out during the week.

Traveling can be stressful on the mind and body.  My dad travels quite often for various business events.  The hours spent on a plane gets his legs/back very tight and uncomfortable.  He asked me what he could do while on the road to make him feel better.  I told him too stretch and have an “on the road” workout routine-which is good for another post.


The stretching routine I gave him was one that helped eliminate soreness during my playing days and one that I still put to use.  The routine takes 5 minutes and I suggests to do it two times per day.

That’s a low production film, notice how I wiped some debris out-of-the-way?  Minimal editing. 😉

Now, in my video, I only stretched one leg and for only a couple of seconds each.  You should do each stretch for 30 seconds.  5 movements with each leg means it will take you only 5 minutes, to help your body feel much better!  I also recommend doing all the stretches for one leg first and then move to the second leg.

Here is more detail of the stretches, in order they appeared.

1) Hamstring- Keep the ground leg grounded. The hamstring that is being stretched is in the air.  Keep both legs straight.  Position the stretch band in the middle of your foot.  If you put it to close to your toes you will feel it more in the low hamstring/upper calf and it can get intense, so please be careful.  Some of you may feel the stretch after bringing that stretch leg only 6 inches off the ground, that’s fine, you will get better over time!

2) Hip abduction To the best of your abilities keep your back flat, and your non-stretching leg on the ground as you slowly rotate your leg away from your body.  You should also keep your cheeks on the ground.  Yes, those cheecks that make up your bum!

3) Hip adduction Again, back flat, non stretching leg on the ground while trying to point the foot of the non stretching leg towards the sky, do not just let it flop.

4) Quad- Be careful keeping the band on your foot while you roll over, I don’t want you to hurt your knees.  If you have to take the band off, roll onto your side then get into the stretch I showed you.  You can play around with this one a little bit.  Try just bringing your foot directly to your butt or keep your foot a little bit away from your foot but try pulling it towards your shoulder-blade.

5) IT Band- Stands for Iliotibial band.  It is outside of your quad.  Stay in the quad stretch position, but bring your opposite foot to the knee of the leg being stretched.  Apply pressure with that foot until you feel the stretch.  At the same time you should also push your hips slightly forward.

I also told my dad, “while on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 🙂 please do not sit on your wallet!”  It will make your back say, “ouch” the next morning.

Also, in the video I am using a stretch band.  Click here for a similar stretch band.  You can also use a jump rope, or anything else your creative mind suggests. 🙂

Until we meet again, Adios amigos!