Entrepreneur’s Destiny

Blogging is a diverse world.  So many people, so many topics.  Looking forward as a blogger I plan on keeping many of my blogs in the entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal growth categories; areas I am very interested and am becoming more experienced and educated in.

The world we live in is a vastly different from 40 years ago.  In 1973 kids were simply told to do well in school, go to a good college, get a good job with great benefits.  Flashing forward to 2013, many of those benefits no longer exist, a good job is nearly impossible to find, and going to any college puts a young adult into decades of debt.  All that debt to study a topic of which might not even be the area of work for that individual come next year.

The answer?  Design your life to fit your needs and beyond.  Not all of us can paint like Picasso, or produce music like Jay-Z.  But within us all lies the artist of which can put us in charge of our own destiny.  We all have something we love.  We all have something that fuels our fire.  We all have something that makes us tick.  Use that as a vehicle to your financial independence.  Vehicles need tires, a steering wheel, engine, etc.  You will find these parts as you go, and you might be amazed how well you can assemble them.

I look forward to sharing and growing with you.  See you at the top of the mountain!


Questions, comments, thoughts, concerns, likes or hates are all welcomed in the comments section or via my email!!!


One thought on “Entrepreneur’s Destiny

  1. scottspauldingdvm

    The entrepreneurial spirit can lead to great things, take control of your own destiny, don’t rely on others, climb that mountain!


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