How to Find Success as an Entrepreneur

What is the most important aspect in becoming a successful entrepreneur?

I think about this daily.

Many answers can be tossed around.  But the most influential one would have to be your purpose.  What is your purpose?  This not only applies to entrepreneurship, but any task at hand.  If you want to be successful, in whatever you do, you must have a purpose!  A purpose keeps you on track, it keeps you focused on the goal, the ultimate prize.  When things get tough, when you are going through early phases of your journey, a purpose keeps you fighting.   It doesn’t let you give up.

Compare a purpose to oxygen.  If you were to get held underwater, I’m talking about someone trying to drown you, you will fight to breathe.  Fight to get your head above water.  When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe you will be successful.  Check this great clip out:

How strong does a purpose have to be to get you to your destination?  Find a purpose that makes you emotional.  Something that can make you tear up.  There needs to be that strong, that passionate of a connection for it to be a real purpose.  FIND A PURPOSE SO STRONG THAT THE WHY TO PROCEEDS THE HOW TO.

What do you think?  From your viewpoint is it the purpose that keeps successful people reaching?  Keeps them moving forward?

Feel free to agree, call it B.S., comment, share your purpose with us or better yet go find your purpose so you can arrive to your destination!


2 thoughts on “How to Find Success as an Entrepreneur

  1. scottspauldingdvm

    Preparing for and participating on fields of competition, be it athletics or the world of business is all about discipline and hard work. Just do it! Love the video link!

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