3 Ways to Make More Money

If you are anything like me you don’t want a boss.  If you are anything like me you want this to be in effect ASAP.  Living in today’s world the options are endless.  So what is stopping you?

Options are endless, you can meet anyone and learn anything you want via the internet.  The problem is a comfortably factor.  I know a lot of people who hate their job, hate their boss, hate their coworkers, they hate the life they are in.  But, it gives them a guarantee that the next paycheck will be there.  Or does it!?

As an occupant of a job you have no say what tomorrow may bring.  It doesn’t matter if you have been with a company for two months or twenty-three years.   You, like everyone around you, are at the mercy of someone else’s decision.  Tomorrow your company could dump you.

With this uncertainty why not begin to verge off the main, beaten-down path?  Why not be comfortable being uncomfortable?  Over the next year begin possessing other income streams.  Here are three ways you can begin to see your life on your terms.

1) Network Marketing

beginning steps towards freedom can be done through a network marketing company and there are many reasons for this.  Joining one of these companies is very inexpensive in comparison to starting other businesses.  For example, to franchise a McDonald’s it costs you $250,000- JUST TO APPLY!  That is not refundable if you are not accepted.  In total it would cost $1,000,000 plus and it would take 3-5 years before I recoup that initial investment.  In the network marketing company I am involved with I made my initial investment back five minutes after joining and profited $600 in five weeks  I was out of the red and in the black that quick!  Ten months later it brings me $1200 a month and growing.  It also is not a huge time commitment.  I did the fore mentioned with a MAX of one hour per week!  I now put in six hours max, and much of that is above and beyond what I need to do.  So the next time you hear a Debbie downer claim that network marketing is a “pyramid scheme,” just remember that there are thousands of people making a full-time income and some spending ten hours per week building their network marketing team.  THAT’S FREEDOM!

2) Real Estate

“I sure don’t want to get into the real estate market these days.”  Unless you were burned and didn’t make it out in ’07 or ’08 why would you make that statement.  Even the burned, know that right now is the ultimate opportunity!  With real estate prices being down, cut in half in some areas, now is the time to jump on it!  It is comforting to know that I will have a check coming in every month from our commercial property which has a triple net lease.  And although that check is certainly not one that I could currently live off, my investment in the land and improvements is growing-rents are also increasing.  If you cannot afford to purchase a property solo, or are unable to get qualified; form a partnership.  Find a way to what you want.  There are others looking for partners, you just haven’t found them yet.

3) Your Passion

What is your passion?  Believe it or not, there is a way to make it beneficial to others, thus profitable for yourself.  Do you like to lift weights?  Build things?  Help listen and solve others problems?  You can get paid for it!!!  No, you most likely will not be able to live off of your idea or your passion initially.  But why not let it build, why not have fun forming your passion into an income?  Put an hour in per week in brainstorming how you can essentially start your own business.  Then take action!

There are numerous ways you can begin your path to financial freedom.  You can even find a way to start for hardly any money down.  Use your resources.  Connect with others.  Spend time learning.  The only way to fail is to quit…or never begin!

Love, hate? Agree, disagree?  Thoughts, comments, concerns, questions?  LET ‘EM RIP!!!


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