3 Tips to Achieving Dreams

This past weekend I attended my second AdvoCare Success School.  This event allowed me to see the NFL’s Drew Brees and Jason Witten (along with 25 other AdvoCare endorsers) speak- not to mention a former President, George W. Bush.

The speakers were a pleasure to see.  But it was the invaluable lessons that I learned and took away from this event that I most cherish.  Anytime you can get to an event or seminar like this- GO!

These three things were reinforced into me and outstanding for leaders, business owners, or anyone who wants to be successful in anything:

1) Vision, Passion, Discipline and Risk

Where are you going?  When you arrive what will it look like?  What will it smell like?  Sound like? Feel like? And yes, taste like?  Your vision must be laid out and you must be able to live it in your mind.  If you are detailed enough with your vision your passion will be there.  Passion keeps you driving for that vision when tough times are upon you.

2) Greater not Greatness

It is important to state that you are seeking to be greater and not seeking greatness.  Why?  Well tell me what greatness is.  It is undefined.  Greatness is a never-ending chase, a bar that keeps being raised that you will never be able to come close too.  But being greater; that’s something that you can define.  You can be greater than you were yesterday.  It’s measurable.  Is what you did today greater than what you did yesterday?  Were you a greater friend, athlete, husband, et cetera, et cetera.  Forget greatness, and focus on becoming greater day in, day out.

3) Failure=Success

Failure leads to success.  When you fail that means you are attempting.  Just like basketball, the more attempts you take the more baskets you make.  At first it might seem like you are shooting a poor percentage.  But as you gain experience, knowledge and connections; that percentage will rise.  Don’t let your fear deter you from shooting!  The reason I use basketball as an example is because of this awesome Michael Jordan video.  Check it out!

Whenever people talk or think about Michael Jordan they don’t think about him missing 9,000+ shots, loosing nearly 300 games, or him missing 26 game winners.  Would you have even guessed he missed 9,000+ shots!?  Michael Jordan is not the only example.  Some of the most successful people have failed numerous times throughout life.

What have you failed at?  Did it make you stronger?  Did you learn how to be successful from it?

Love, hate, debate.  Leave a comment, share your experiences.


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