Making Excel Easy

On Wednesday I was fortunate enough to attend Michael Zumchak’s Easy Excel Class (click here) while I was in New York City.  WOW, is he good at what he does; better yet, he can teach what he does.  If you use excel daily, if you own your own business, I recommend taking his 4 hour, $89 class.

Overtime Michael became has become an expert.  He is now regarded as the go-to-guy on Wall Street when firms are training their new hires or old top dogs.  He travels the country (booked until October 2013!) putting on classes, consulting, just helping people learn!!

And man, is he good.  His class was entertaining (he is funny) and so engaging.  He goes through everything step by step, so even if his class is the first time you have ever seen excel, you too can learn!

He then sends you notes along with templates so you can PRACTICE.  He harps on this!  He gives you the tools but you MUST PRACTICE to allow yourself to effectively and efficiently apply his teachings.

I am looking at attending on of his more advanced classes and I recommend to you that you attend a class of his.  The genius he is cable of will leave you awestruck and more able in Microsoft Excel.

You not only learn how to use shortcuts to decrease time spent at a computer, but basic and advanced formulas, and how to create templates.  The templates allow you to take data, copy and paste it, and viola, your reports are ready in seconds.

What you need to do:

Might sound easy, but everyone has struggled with Excel in some fashion.  So drop those other “How to Microsoft Excel” books, guides or YouTube teachings and get to Michael’s class to relieve yourself of frustration!!!

Micheal’s website is and you can sign up right there.

When I complete my new Excel reports I will give you a comparison of where I was at (an intermediate skill level) to where his class took me.

Like, hate, agree, debate- let’s rumble!!!  Leave a comment or at a minimum check into his class!!! Promise it’s time well spent!


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