Momentum: Surfing the Wave

Have you ever experienced an unexpected change?

If you play sports this is something you are used to.  You have to adequately deal with sudden, unexpected changes.

I am experiencing my first sudden, unexpected changes in the “real” world.  This is life.

1) My girlfriend accepted an 18 month contract to teach at a school in Mexico City.  She left on February 14th.  Happy Valentine’s Day right!?  It can be a tough thing, and originally was very difficult on me.  Then I decided to expose the positives; I have a new place in the world to visit, she will love me more for supporting her, and she will have the time of her life.  I already have my first, two-week adventure set up to see her!

2) My AdvoCare business has suddenly been exploding.  I have spent less time learning from my up-line, but rather teaching my persistent down-line.  I have become more of a leader.  I have focused less on myself.  Put less focus on directly sponsoring new business builders.  Instead I am teaching the ones I already have involved how to duplicate my success to this point.  This is already paying huge dividends!

3) Our family business, The Scott Spaulding Group, has traditionally been involved in real-estate, veterinary management and nation wide consulting.  A year ago I never would have imagined that we currently would be: developing/designing three websites, designing/developing/programming an app, and be an essential part of developing an interactive online communications platform.  Most of that has occurred over the last two weeks.

It wouldn’t make sense to fight the waves.  We instead are learning how to surf.  View these opportunities of momentum.  Ride that momentum!  We are in the “just go with it” phase.  And it is working!  It is fun!

You’re going to fight that? Think again!

Life in the continual slow lane always sucks.  For those of you who have driven Highway 1 in the Florida Keys know this!  It is a lot more fun when it becomes a four or five lane highway near Miami.  There’s more options.  Live life this way.  Pursue your dreams this way.  If something new comes into your life do not view it as a negative.  Find the positive.  Ride the momentum that is given to you.  There is a reason you are being pushed in that direction.

A life of disciplined spontaneity is a life of enjoyment.  Live it!

Love it, hate it, discuss it, debate it.  What opportunities have you run with that were fun?  Did they turn into a success?  Did you learn something from it?


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