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Friday’s Weekly Top 10 (March15-21)

It’s Friday again!  How many NCAA brackets are already busted? Yeah, I’m talking to you and you and you!!!  Enough of the crap, more of thee TOP 10!

10) This Modern Brooklyn Pad is yours for $25,000 a month!

9) Creating Value off Problems Stop thinking of the next huge idea.  Focus on small problems instead.

8) Buh-bye Brian Urlacher: Not a Bear’s fan, but it’s sad to see him leave.

7) Lebron, Wade, Bosh & Co. Still Streaking Escaping Cleveland, 24 straight!

6) What Made Vintage Blue Jeans Popular? Holey, rugged, stylish jeans.  Thank this man.

5)  Mark Cuban: Opposing Technology Patents to allow more innovation

4 ) Shaquille O’Neal: The Entrepreneur Find out how tech savvy he really is!

3) Worlds Tallest, NYC Luxury Residential Tower 432 Park, a $1,200,000,000 project,!!!

2) The Innovator: Twitter’s Jack Dorsey 60 Minutes again breaks into the Top 10 with the Twitter and Square Founder.

1) Jacksonville Jaguar’s Second Year Owner discusses turning around a sports franchise.  Great stuff here!!!

On a side note, I am officially in Mexico City!  My girlfriend is here to teach for a year and half; here is to one of my 2013 goals being accomplished and to many more trips!  I arrived yesterday and will be here until April 4th.  We will see how well I can run a couple of small businesses while abroad!

Thanks for checking out the Top 10!



Around the World in .4 Seconds

Republic of Korea, South Africa, Chile; all the way to Australia.  Word press stats shows my  blog has multiple viewings from these countries, and many more, in the past week.  WHAT!?  How crazy is that?  In just four-tenths of a second blogs become global.  What a phenomenon!

FOUR-TENTHS OF A SECOND!  That is the default time setting, for your computer to recognize a double-click.

That quickly something is sent around the world.  When Tom Scott, Cornelius Vanderbilt &  John D. Rockefeller were in business, relay took days for written messages to travel across a few states!  In fact, when Andrew Carnegie spent time in Scotland and allowed his business partner, Henry Flick, to call the shots at his Pittsburgh steel mill; it took just over a month for the two receive a written letter from the other!  That was in the early 1890’s- just 123 years ago!

It makes you wonder what communication models will be like ten, fifty, one-hundred years from now.  How much more efficient can it get?  How much more incredible?  Can something really make it around the world in less time than it takes a single click of the mouse?

Quantum communication is something that is always thrown into the ring.  Will it replace the internet?

What’s quantum communication?

Quantum communication was originally defined by Yao in 1979. (The previous link was a lecture given at NYU- extremely hard to follow!  Click here and scroll to section “1.3 Quantum Communication” for a summary of the lecture that is MUCH easier to follow.)  How I conceptualize the theory in easiest terms: a communication model consisting of two or more people (organisms, atoms) reading the other’s brain due to interference that is impossible to overcome.

Basic example: The formula is x + y = z.  Sue knows the value of x, and Ron knows the value of y.  They must now come together to solve the equation as they each have part of the equation.  There is a “noise”, a “faulty link” between the two; they can’t talk, can’t give singles, can’t even look at each other.  But are still able to solve the equation.

Sound impossible?  That’s what many scientists and researchers are saying.  But haven’t entrepreneurs been told that before?  Everything ever accomplished, that was worth accomplishing, was tagged impossible.  Extraordinary things bring even more doubt by naysayers and/or “experts.”

How will you read this article in year 2113?  Models of communication will evolve.  How, who and when are the remaining questions.

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Motivational Monday!!!

Get after it this week!!!

Friday’s Weekly Top 10 (March 8-14)

Yes, a parody of SportCenter’s Top 10!  Every Friday I will be counting down the top 10 things I came across from the previous 7 days.  This contains a variety of things from artwork, video, sports, business stories, current events, great articles, et cetera, et cetera.  This might become my
favorite segment!  LET’s COUNT ‘EM DOWN!!!

10. A new Pope 1.2 billion Catholics celebrate!  A worldwide phenomenon, white smoke welcomes Pope Francis.

9. March Madness!! I was able to attend games 1 & 2 of the Big 10 tournament. Thank you Brandon Paul (Illinois) for the buzzer beater over Minnesota!

8. Future Smartphone Keyboards How would you like a four button keyboard on your phone!?  It is not that far from becoming a reality.  Plus, problem solving troublesome auto-correction!

7. Palmer House Chicago’s  Hotel Lobby Built in the 1870’s, this hotel lobby has an amazing look, with an old time feel.

6. Lebron better than Kobe & Jordan!? Interesting article.  Not sure that I agree, I love M.J., but a good read none-the-less.

5. Forbe’s 10 Coolest Office Spaces: The number one spot goes to Epic, which is located in my home state of Wisconsin, right up the road in Verona!  Check out the world known companies they beat out!

4. Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Snack I have been getting on my Pinterest game lately.  This is a recipe I found on there and man are they delicious!

3. Sheryl Sandberg 60 Minutes Interview I suggest everyone watch, but If you are a woman, definitely take a look at this!  Having so many incredibly strong women in my life, I find this an important topic!

2. Codecademy Considering I have a fairly complex app in development and do not know how to actually code, I figured I better start having a basic understanding of the core concepts.  Codecademy is a great source, I have been practicing about 30 to 60 minutes per day.  It really opens up your mind!

1. I know many of you have already seen.  It doesn’t need any explanation!

That concludes the first top 10!  Looking forward to next Friday!

Goal Setters vs Goal Getters

Are you a goal setter or a goal getter?

I find many people set goals only to never see them accomplished.  Here are a few steps to get your goal instead of just setting a goal.

1) Attach a purpose.  Why do you want to reach a specific goal(s)?  What would it mean to you, to your family?  I have many people involved in AdvoCare (network marketing) who say they want a nice “plan b” income like I have.  The question that needs be answered is; why!?  You can go work a second, third or fourth job to make more money.  It is not the money that they actually want in their life.  It is what that money can do for them.  It could bring their spouse home from work to take care of the kids.  It could make you more available to your family because you no longer have to work those overtime hours on the weekend.  Maybe you want to take your kids to Disneyland.  Or you simply want to give them things you never had.  Attach a purpose to any goal you have and write it at the top of your goal sheet.   It keeps you going when the times get tough, when that goal seems so far away, when nothing is going right.

2) Define baby steps.  Most of us have B.A.Gs,  (Big Audacious Goals) and that’s awesome.  I encourage this!  But those goals are so big, they may not be reached tomorrow or even two years from now.  Most B.A.G setters fail to set baby steps to reach this B.A.G.  A simple example:  If I were a body builder and I signed up for my first show with the intentions of winning it for the grand prize trip to Italy, I would devise a plan to get myself ready.  I wouldn’t set it and forget it, that’d be a wish not a goal.  I would figure out what I would need to weigh and look-like.  I would find out which workout regimen I would partake in.  Find the foods which will benefit me most.  Beginning right away I would implement my plan.  I would go to the gym daily.  I would recover my body properly and give my body the nutrients needed.  Day in and day out I would be doing the right things to reach this goal.  If I set this B.A.G. and did nothing, had no plan, worked out here and there when I felt like it the show would quickly approach and, like most, my B.A.G. would never be reached.  What are your baby steps?  What is something small you can do today that will lead to accomplishing this goal.  For goals that are longer term, take a 40,000 foot view of it.  Make that plan, TAKE THOSE BABY STEPS!!!

3) Post your goals and purpose.  Your goals should be written out and in a place that you see them daily.  This is something I regret not doing a long time ago, but instead just started at the beginning of this year.  I have always written them down, but never posted them where I would see them daily. I didn’t think it was important because I always knew my goals and never forgot them.  But that is besides the point.  Obviously you will not forget a goal that you are planning to reach.  But now that I post my goals up on the middle of my mirror, I always see them.  They are staring back at me.  It reinforces what I am going to do.  If at the end of the day I did not take action on my baby steps to reach those goals, I can feel my goals tell me I’m fired.  No matter what I tell myself, no matter my excuse, in my gut I know I didn’t move towards accomplishment.

I urge you to now write your goals along with your purpose, create a plan to reach longer term goals, and definitely post them where you can see them more than once per day.  Put them in the middle of your mirror, in  a spot that when you put your contacts in you have to physically move to see around  them when you put your contacts in.  If you do not do this you are just a goal setter, I dare you to become a goal getter!

What things have you done that have worked to carry out goals?  What things haven’t worked?

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