$1,000,000 Expert

Who really knows what?  Who has the real answer?  Who is the expert?

This is a question I have found myself thinking about and discussing with others a lot lately.

What has made me so intrigued by this question is a number of recurring events of which I personally and professionally am experiencing, and have witnessed through reading and watching televised interviews.

Everything you do, every goal you make will be challenged by numerous groups and individuals along the way.

Some examples I have experienced in just the last month:

1) We were looking to develop an App.  A programmer from San Diego told us it was nearly impossible and would cost $75,000 to get done.  Another developement group told us it was doable but it would cost around $100,000.  We then found a third programmer.  We now have a functional app completed, and although we will probably still have to put a bit more money into it, we have only spent roughly $1,600 on it so far.  Who’s the expert?

2) I attended a seminar that consisted of a panel of “Technology Experts” in New York City  last week.  The host was a Forbes magazine editor.  There was much discussion on “enterprise” vs “consumer” apps.  While they were trying to convince the crowd the true difference, and which was better to create, they kept going against what they previously had said ten seconds before.  It is no wonder, to me, why these “Technology Experts,” who are also angel investors and venture capitalists only shoot 20%.  Yes, for every five start-ups they invest in, they are only successful on one of them.  Is that really expert status?  Does that qualify?  How many start-ups have they missed out on investing in because they were the “experts” and decided that specific entrepreneur’s idea was not good enough!?  Don’t let any so-called “expert” stop you from doing what you desire!  There is a way, just find it!

3) Today while watching CNBC they interviewed Evernote’s CEO Phil Libin.  (If you do not know what Evernote is, please click here).  He briefly mentioned how hard it was for Evernote to raise the capital needed to become a behemoth in the tech industry.  They simply got denied time and time again by many different investors.  They eventually did get the money they needed from some local investors, who used and loved their product, and from an investment group in a foreign country.  Really!?  It took them having to go global because all the so-called “experts” didn’t think their idea would suffice.  Who’s laughing now?  Evernote is currently at 50,000,000 users.  FIFTY-MILLION USERS!!!

We are finding the same thing hold true with a communications platform we are also involved in.  We simply cannot finish our financing because “experts” don’t believe.

I believe an expert is someone who accomplishes something, who actually takes action.  An expert in my vocabulary is a verb.

An expert is not someone who throws money at random start-ups, and shoots 20%.  Some gamblers are better than others, but it’s gambling non-the-less.

So the next time an “expert” shuns your ideas, ask yourself who the real expert is.  Do not listen to them.  Challenge these experts.  Challenge everything they say, and never give up!


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