Mark Cuban’s Mavericks Impacting Lives

This is an outstanding article by Mark Cuban! It is a dream of mine to own a professional sports franchise someday. Look at the huge impact he has had on people through the Mavericks! Amazing stuff.

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When you own a professional sports team it doesn’t take long to realize that owning a team is unlike owning any other business. On one hand the competitive side of ownership is a driving force. I want to win championships. I want to win every game. Not just for me, but for the entire organization and all of North Texas and for Mavs fans everywhere. Thirteen years into owning the Mavs and it still hurts every time we lose. I still have a hard time sleeping after any game we lose.

On the other side, the Mavs are a business. I want to make a profit. But unlike every other business, making the most money possible is not a driving motivation. I try to recognize that Mav’s fans aren’t only about wins and losses. I have to realize that many, if not most Mavs fans don’t call talk radio shows…

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