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Motivational Monday!!

“What if there really were two paths?  I would be on the one that leads to awesome.”

Remember as a kid when you thought anything and everything was possible, go back to that thought process, go back to your creativity, this Monday is your time!




Motivational Monday!

WHOOOOO WHOOOOOOO!  Don’t push snooze on your week, get after it now!

Friday’s Weekly Top 10 (April 12th-April 18th)

TOP 10!!!! Here we go…

10) Top 10 Funniest Movies (Laughs per Minute)

9) A Garage Cooler Than Yours

8) Small Woman Catches 1000 Pound Marlin

7) Ray Allen Making Memories

6) Severe Surfing Wipeouts

5) A Woman In The Kentucky Derby

4) Ryan Kavanaugh Goes From Rock Bottom to the Top

3) NFL’s New Circus Kicker

2) Empowering Your Employees Is Great!

1) The Coolest Way to Become an Entrepreneur

The Art of Selling Products, Services, YOURSELF! Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of this blog from yesterday, click here.  Otherwise, READ ON!

Yesterday we discussed how to sell one hell of a pen! 🙂

Yes, after my example I claimed to have “sold” the product.  But in the real world your best clients/customers will be the ones that are harder sales.  Why is this?

According to Seth Godin, people who hop on right away are always buying NEW things not things that WORK.  Once your product is old news, even if it works, they will hop onto the next new crappy widget.  But the tougher customers…the ones you have to talk to 3, 4, 10 times; once they buy something that works they stick with it.  Viola, recurring income! (I love how Seth relates this to dates.  The girl who says “yes” the first time you ask her on a date, you probably don’t want to marry. Check out his post here)

For the people who do say “yes” right away, do follow-up with them.  Make sure they are enjoying the product/service.  Other times call them but don’t even bring up your product unless they do first.  Just work on building the relationship!

For the people who say “no” just remember this equation: “no” = “not right now!

Just because someone says no, doesn’t mean you never talk to them again.  It doesn’t mean you cross them off your list.  You stay in contact.  You call them once a month or every other month.  Ask them how they are doing, ask how the family is, ask what they did over the weekend.  There is so much to talk about, find something!  If you ask them enough questions, they will ask you whats new.  When they do this, it is an opening, however, do not blast them with your product.  Mention how business is going well.  Simply partake in conversation.

Whether it is a week, five months, or two years after you initially talked to them; eventually they will need that new pen from Part 1.  When they need that pen, if you have stayed in touch, they will think of you as the “Pen Seller Stunna.”  Jackpot!

Always, always follow-up. Always, always build that relationship.  Always, always remember the equation: “no” = not right now!

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The Art of Selling Products, Services, YOURSELF! Part 1

“Selling” is a must.  Whether you are a business person, working in insurance, selling copy machines or computers.  What’s that?  Oh, you’re not in those fields?  Well this applies to you too!


If you are in college and its Thursday, you might be headed downtown.  You aren’t trying to sell yourself tonight? 🙂

After college you have to get a job right!?  You are branding and selling yourself in this process.  You are trying to get (x) company to hire you.  (They really are buying you, click here, to find your inner entrepreneur!)

“The Art of Selling Products, Services, YOURSELF!” will come in 2 Parts.  Today; Part 1: Approach, tomorrow; Part 2: Follow Up.

If you had to sell this pen, what would be your pitch?

Let’s also say, for the sake of the example, that this is the best pen on the market.  It has the highest quality ink which never smears, chrome trim; for those of you whom are flashy, and man does it write smooth.  It even has a lifetime warranty.  It costs….$10.

You are the salesperson.  What is your pitch?  Where do you begin?  Let’s go through the typical thought process. (We are assuming yourself and the person you are talking have already met; we are going to hop right into the pitch)

Well John, this pen I have is the best pen on the market.  It was recently ranked #1 by “Pen Rank Nation” for the 5th year in a row!  Now get this, it comes in blue, black, red, green, purple, pink and rainbow.  Options are endless.  Do you see this pen, the black body with the chrome trim?  The body is available in black or white.  And for your fancy, our trims come in chrome, gold or platinum.  Writes smoother than that “Bic” pen you have, and man-oh-man it’s so comfy, your hand will never cramp!  I’ll even through in a free name engraving so everyone knows who owns such an extravagant pen.

Maybe you’re thinking, “yeah, that’s how I would sell a million pens in a year, I’ll be number one in my company.”


Now my example might be a little extreme, it is just a pen!!!  But as a young, inexperienced sales person, it is easy to get carried away.  It is easy to get excited about your product, service (or yourself in front of a cute girl scenario), excited about a thought of a production or commission check, excited to sell your first pen to get a pat on the back from the boss-man.  Don’t projectile vomit your product onto a potential customer.

How about this approach?

Seller: Hey John, if you were looking for the ultimate pen, what would you be looking for?

John: What really gets me going in the office is a smooth writing, black inked pen, I don’t need any fancy colors.

Seller: Do you usually keep your pen on you?

John: Yeah, I usually use the pen’s clip, and slid it into my suit coat pocket after writing.  You never know, I might have to sign a document in the next meeting.

Seller: Yeah, I get pretty busy too and its nice to not have to scramble for a pen.  Now, since you’re an attorney, does it matter to you, what your pen looks like?

John: Yeah, I don’t want my clients seeing me with some old beat up pen that had formerly been another’s chew toy.

Seller: John, I have the pen just for you, here (hands John the pen), try it out.


This was a very basic example.  But the point is to connect, ask questions, listen to what they are looking for, then give them what they want.

Checkout “The Art of Selling Products, Services, Yourself! Part 2” tomorrow on how to follow-up and why it is so important!