Friday’s Weekly Top 10 (March 29-April 4th)

Back to Friday’s Weekly Top 10 after missing a couple while I was in Mexico.  I intended to keep posting this and the Motivational Monday segments but there was to much to see and do while touring the country.  NUMBER TEN………

10) Legalizing marijuana? 52% America thinks yes.  Why not capital America?

9) Tony Romo is making how much money!? C’mon man!

8) North Korea aiming missiles once again.

7) Rutger’s Scandal shakes campus.

6) American Mansion’s can you afford these pads?

5) University of Penn students creating multiple start-ups.

4) Tribute to Roger Ebert

3) Ivanka Trump: Dealmaking Machine enters her prime, making huge steps with her career and family lives.

2) MLB Team $ Evaluations & the Yankees are number 1, with a valuation that will make your jaw drop!  Where is your favorite team at?

1) Jay-Z: The Sport’s Agent already representing Robinson Cano; is Victor Cruz to follow suit?

Thanks for checking out this weeks Top 10.  Come back on Monday for kick started week!


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