The Art of Selling Products, Services, YOURSELF! Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of this blog from yesterday, click here.  Otherwise, READ ON!

Yesterday we discussed how to sell one hell of a pen! 🙂

Yes, after my example I claimed to have “sold” the product.  But in the real world your best clients/customers will be the ones that are harder sales.  Why is this?

According to Seth Godin, people who hop on right away are always buying NEW things not things that WORK.  Once your product is old news, even if it works, they will hop onto the next new crappy widget.  But the tougher customers…the ones you have to talk to 3, 4, 10 times; once they buy something that works they stick with it.  Viola, recurring income! (I love how Seth relates this to dates.  The girl who says “yes” the first time you ask her on a date, you probably don’t want to marry. Check out his post here)

For the people who do say “yes” right away, do follow-up with them.  Make sure they are enjoying the product/service.  Other times call them but don’t even bring up your product unless they do first.  Just work on building the relationship!

For the people who say “no” just remember this equation: “no” = “not right now!

Just because someone says no, doesn’t mean you never talk to them again.  It doesn’t mean you cross them off your list.  You stay in contact.  You call them once a month or every other month.  Ask them how they are doing, ask how the family is, ask what they did over the weekend.  There is so much to talk about, find something!  If you ask them enough questions, they will ask you whats new.  When they do this, it is an opening, however, do not blast them with your product.  Mention how business is going well.  Simply partake in conversation.

Whether it is a week, five months, or two years after you initially talked to them; eventually they will need that new pen from Part 1.  When they need that pen, if you have stayed in touch, they will think of you as the “Pen Seller Stunna.”  Jackpot!

Always, always follow-up. Always, always build that relationship.  Always, always remember the equation: “no” = not right now!

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