Why Successfull People ALWAYS Succeed

Ever have your best thoughts at night before bed?  All day you THINK you are tired but then you lay down, your mind starts cranking out ideas; thoughts and you just can’t sleep?

It’s just a mindset.  You weren’t tired all day.  You chose to feel that way.  For whatever reason you picked to be tired.  Thoughts are running through my head now.  So I’ll bring you this at 11 PM.

The hardest thing in life is to start something.  It’s hard on certain days for me to go workout, and l love working out.  But once I get there, get warmed up, get going; there are days I don’t want to stop.  Starting is the hardest part.  Starting.  We all have the potential, it is just turning it into the kinetic form that is toughest.

Why do successful people succeed in a majority of things they do?

Well for starters, you only notice successful people when they are successful, once they hold a certain prestige. Many people look at Steve Jobs and think, “Well isn’t he fortunate to be worth billions, man he was lucky,” but they never take the time to investigate the true cause of his success. (Read his book)

So once someone becomes successful, why do they normally stay that way?  When Richard Branson, or Elon Musk (if you don’t know their stories, please click their names) start new ventures they now turn to gold.

I think (I hate to say I think, because some people could careless what I think; then again this is my blog) they see the 40,000 foot view of EVERYTHING.  What do I mean?

To be successful for the very first time,  you have to climb a mountain.  I’m talking Mount Everest.  It is no easy feat.  Me, as a human being, I am a little ant on the ground compared to Mount Everest.  I can’t see the big picture yet, there is too much junk that is at my level, in my face, blocking the view of the master plan. Trees, bushes, the visitor center, people. I have the 5’10” point of view.  But as things start going my way, as I start to get small successes, I begin climbing that mountain.  Soon I have a 1,000 foot view.  I now know more, perhaps can see farther down the road, can see storms coming from a distance, but can’t yet see the entire road map.

Well, Richard Branson and Elon Musk have been so successful, as of now they are further ahead of me on the climb..  They can see the big picture very clearly.  Their point of view is so high (literally, they both are into space exploration) that they not only see the map, they conceptually understand all the details of the map.  They have the entire blue print spelled out for them letter by letter.  This puts them at huge advantages for their next venture.

Also, when you first start, you are among thousands, millions of people.  The further you make it, the less crowded it becomes.  When you are three-quarters of the way up, you are with survivors, you are with people of your like ability.  You have taken notice of them, they  have taken notice of you.  Every now and then you need partners, you need investors.  When you meet each other at the top, it’s a bit easier to find the right people, the best people.  Amongst the thousands, its TOUGH.  At the base of the mountain you might have thought you picked the best climbing mate the world has seen.  He’s 6’4″, looks strong as an ox, possesses a six-pack.  Not an ounce of fat on the man.  But is he mentally strong enough to keep going when his body gets sore.  When it starts to rain, and higher up when it starts to snow, what about when the air gets thinner and it’s tough to breath?  Is he scared of heights?  You see, It is hard to judge that person at the base of the mountain.  His true character will soon be revealed.  For those people, Forest’s momma was right, “life is like uh box uh choclates, ya never know whatcha gunna git.”

This is why if you can succeed once you most likely can succeed at anything you do.  This is why, if you make it to the pinnacle, but an avalanche takes you back to the base to be left even with the millions, you can and you know you will get back to the top.

It takes a tough person to get started.  It takes a tough person to make it passed the 100 foot, 1,000 foot even the 5,000 foot view.  The entire journey is a mindset.  But if you have the mindset to show up, and start, you are already ahead of 80% of the world.  It now comes down to toughness and desire and that desire better be burning.  Just get to that 40,000 foot view once, and my money is on you to do it again.


One thought on “Why Successfull People ALWAYS Succeed

  1. scottspauldingdvm

    I’ve found I have defined times of creativity, not sure what induces them! There are times my mind completely shuts down and there are times I have so many thoughts running through me head at one time, I can’t write the ideas down fast enough. Maintaining the proper perspective is vital – one of words to keep me on this track – macro! Keep the big picture in focus, don’t let the details drag you down! Great blog!


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