What’s Faith?

Are you a faithful person?

The meaning of faith can fluctuate person to person; scenario to scenario.  But what does it mean to you?

So often faith is associated with God and/or religion.  Example of a definition from the dictionary:

“(1) : belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2) : belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion”

So many times when I am asked whether I am faithful, I answer, “No, not really.”  But, I am always thinking they are asking if I am religious, go to church, or believe in God.  (Not for or against religious views & I think I do believe in something but don’t necessarily know what it is. People should be able to believe or not believe in any God.  It should be their choice just like anything else in THEIR life – a whole nother topic)

Faith is also defined in the dictionary as:

“1: allegiance to duty or a person”

“2: firm belief in something for which there is no proof, complete trust”

You can ask any teammate that has ever played with me. I am a loyal member of the team.  No one cares more about the team than I am.  No one cares more for their teammates than I do.  In terms of personal relationships I am the same way.  Loyal.

For this post, I am more focused on that second definition.  This is what leads you to success in WHATEVER it is that you want to do.  A deep, genuine belief in something of which there is not YET proof.  Genuine faith, is how you accomplish B.A.G.s (Big Audacious Goals) – plural!

In 2009, I transferred to the University of Dubuque.  The team hadn’t won a conference championship in nearly 30 years.  In 2009, everyone who was still around in the fall of 2011, had genuine faith that we would be Conference Champions.  Man there were doubters.  There were doubters on the team; they weren’t there for the victories.  There were doubters on the campus; faculty & students.  So imagine who else was doubting us?  EVERYONE.

We didn’t care.

But there were many who also had the utmost genuine faith.  It was a belief, that we were going to be the best.  We were on the verge of cocky.  Actually, sometimes we actually crossed that line.  The University’s Board of Trustees, President, Athletic Director and our head coach, the rest of the coaching staff, the team and select few of the faculty and even fewer of the student population had faith.  That’s all it took.

The faith we possessed was evident.  Always saying, “when” not “if.”

In the fall of 2010, we went to Central College.  It was a horrible day; whether wise and on the field.  It was pouring. Half way through the third quarter we were down by what seemed like 1,000 points. Maybe it was that much. Some of our key guys were banged up, we were wounded dogs.

The refs ended up calling the game, after we sat in the locker room for the longest 60 minute delay of my life, due to a thunderstorm.  We got home that night and this is what I remember: We had already forgot about that game, it was history. Everyone KNEW, everyone said, everyone agreed, that in 2012 we would destroy them & win a Conference Championship.  Even though they were to return many key contributors from the team that just hours ago, manhandled us.

Come September 2012, we beat Central College 56-28 AND went on to win a Conference Championship, the first in 30 years for the University of Dubuque.

What I am starting to see is, faith, just like in sports, translates to the “real-world.”  You must work extremely hard but along with that, if you can already see it, if you already act like you have reached your goal; the light at the end of the tunnel grows.  That’s a lot of faith.

Yeah, I am faithful. And you should be too.


One thought on “What’s Faith?

  1. scottspauldingdvm

    What a great analogy! Every Spartan player had a key role in this thumping of Central, this victory set the table for the Spartan destruction of of the IIAC in the 2012 season! Keep the faith!


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