“Dude, what are you going to say!?”

This weekend I am speaking in front of 300 to 500 people at “Diamonds in the Rough” an AdvoCare event in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sharing the news with my AdvoCare teammates, who will be in attendance, their immediate reaction was, “DUUUUUUDE, what are you going to say!? Did you write something out?  Are you going to use a notecard, with some keywords?”

My answers: “Kind of, no and no!”

I previously wrote a post giving tips (which work for me) while public speaking which you can view here.

I was quite shocked and honored when asked last Saturday to speak at this up-coming event.  Being the largest event I have spoken at, in front of more than I’ve spoken in front of before, I immediately thought, “Okay, what do I have to do to prepare?”  Then I realized, just do what you normally do.  Act as if it is the normal attendance of 20, 40 or 60. Don’t change it up now.

Throughout the week, this is what I have done to prepare. It wasn’t much different from my mental preparation of a college football game.

1) While laying in bed, I would close my eyes and envision the day of the speech, from the time I wake up, until the time I am done speaking – all positive thoughts.

2) With my eyes still closed, in my mind, I piece my thoughts together of my attention getter (which will come full circle at the end of the speech) and an introduction; my story of which will take up two of my ten minutes on stage. Go to sleep

4) The next nights I thought about what I would talk about.  My key points.  This is best in threes.  I came up with the three things that I believe have made my AdvoCare business jump out to a quick start. Then went to bed again.

5) Freestyle rehearsal.  What I mean by this is to start from the attention getter, go through the introduction and then start to develop your three main points and your closer.  I find it best to do this in the car while I’m driving.  It is important in a “freestyle rehearsal” to speak out loud to yourself, using real emotion. WARNING: Other drivers will give you weird looks! The thing about these rehearsals, I have not once done it the same.  There is always a small, sometimes a big twist and change.

That is it.  I keep it simple.  I find that if you add note cards, or something to look at, a guide it becomes a distraction to yourself. And stay away from power point!  The real way to use power point is to have pictures or a visual display.  If you need all of your key points on Powerpoint, you really do not know what you are talking about.

That being said, I am never scared of failure, and I am confident that everything will be fantastic.




2 thoughts on ““Dude, what are you going to say!?”

  1. Tara

    Did your middle school English teach you the trick with the lead and bringing full circle at the end? Congrats to you, Justin!

    1. jmspaulding23 Post author

      Thanks! And the ending did not end up coming full circle. Haha, the only part that didn’t really go as planned! But you did a dang good job! Congrats on the new job too by the way!!!


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