Setting Goals

Many times people overshoot.

What do I mean?

I believe in huge goals.  Big Audacious Goals (B.A.G.s), in fact I have set many for myself and I expect you to set them for yourself as well.  We all know that being realistic is a high-speed freeway to a life of mediocrity.

But how are you setting your goals?

The most successful people in the world create business plans and goals that reach out 20 and 30+ years.  You have to be able to cast a vision that far out for you to reach your B.A.G.

Here is the problem with many peoples goals and their overall outlook: A majority of people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

Why do people do this?

The human race wants to be instantly gratified.  They want what they desire, and they want their desire to happen now.  For many, this leads to very quick disappointment and a thought process of; “I’ll never get there.”

Instead, look at it in a different perspective.  What can you do today, this week, that will get you what you desire in five years?  Take your B.A.G. and break it down.  Make daily, weekly, monthly goals, that help you get started towards that goal.  Not only does this help build confidence, but it will rack up momentum as well.

So never give up on your B.A.G., in fact set more!  But break them down, and take a step today, a step tomorrow and soon you will arrive.


What do you think of the article?

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