Journey Comes After Start

It’s about the journey, the road that takes you to where your going that truly makes success worth it.  If it were easy, everyone would do it, leaving success worthless.

I read a lot. Quite a few different blogs, and I am now on my 13th book of the year.  The more submerged in my projects I become, the more I relate to what I read.

I just started Chris Gardner’s book, “Start Where You Are” (he previously wrote his life story in “The Pursuit of HappYness” – which led to Will Smith portraying him in the movie) and within the first few pages I immediately thought of three people.  These three, who I want to join me in one of my businesses, have sat on the fence for a few weeks now.  I see the success they have missed out on while they continue to ponder and I know the issue.  It’s this: They want, and will do great things in this world, but it seems they don’t know where to start.

It’s easy – start where you are.

Without starting, with no decision, there will be no journey, no destination.  No decision is the worst decision.  It is unclear, undefined. It delays your pursuit. It pushes back dreams and goals.

Questioning what you are about to get into is necessary but, over analysis is, paralysis, is death.

If there’s something you want to do, something great you want to accomplish, do it. Start where are today – as time ticks, goals fade.


2 thoughts on “Journey Comes After Start

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