Opportunities Left Unrecognized

I write often about opportunities.

Everywhere you go – life is full of opportunities.

It is said, every individual is presented an opportunity of a lifetime once every two weeks.  The problem?  They simply do not recognize it.

The other day while traveling, I was in the airport watching my Packers go 0-1 to the 49ers. While watching I noticed a man, because of his attire, I knew was a University of South Dakota football coach.

As the game was near its end, he got up but before he took off for his gat he started chit-chatting with us, and perhaps, because of my build; he knew I once played football.

He openly offered me a GA (Graduate Assistant) opportunity for next year.  Because of the many projects I am involved in I told him now is not the time (And I believe I would only coach under my former college coach).

He gave me his card and I gave him mine.  He said to stay in touch.

I thought to myself, “Why?  What made him stop by our table, talk to me, and offer me a GA position, on spot, at a decent FCS program; without even knowing me?”

Although I do not see myself becoming a GA anytime soon, I feel there was more to that meeting.  I will be staying in touch with this coach, who knows, it could be one of these unrecognized opportunities.

For the last few years I have learned to keep my antennae up.  Knowing that no matter how hard I focus on it, many opportunities will still go unrecognized, unexplored; but I want to capture as many of them as I can.

Have you ever ran into and started chit-chatting with a stranger?  Probably many times. I am willing to bet, if you asked to stay in touch with half of those people, a great opportunity would have already came out of it.

So I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to stay connected to people who happen to fall into your life at random places, at random times; because that person could be a door opening to your dreams, your purpose for life.


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