Indiegogo Campaign

If you follow me on Twitter (@JustinSpaulding) you have noticed tweets about our project, Vet24seven and its upcoming Indiegogo campaign (beginning a week from today, October 21st).

Let me give you the quick & dirty on some very exciting news!  I am going to do this in two sections. 1) What is Vet24seven? 2) What the hell is Indiegogo anyways?

1) What is Vet24seven?

Vet24seven revolutionizes pet healthcare by making your smart phone your pet’s veterinary advice portal. And here’s how it works:

1. Open the app on your mobile device and select your personal or next available veterinarian from the Vet24seven Network to respond to your concern or question.

2. Select a desired time frame for a response to your inquiry and the method in which you would like to communicate.

3. Upload a photo and/or video of your concern, and provide a description.

4. Send it off to be answered by a Vet24seven veterinarian. The veterinarian receives your message, evaluates your request and responds via the app with a written response or live chat, and instructions (e.g., written, photos, video) for a home-based course of action or recommendation for a vet visit, if necessary. This is called a v-consult (virtual consult).

5. Receive your answer on whether or not the pet should be seen immediately in person.

2) What the hell is Indiegogo anyways?

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform where people, who want to raise money for their projects, can create fundraising campaigns to tell their story and get the word out. People contribute to campaigns for many reasons, but usually it’s because they want to be involved in what the campaign is doing or because they want the rewards that are part of the campaign.

Vet24seven’s goal is to raise $50,000 throughout our 45 day campaign, be sure to checkout, back and then share our project with your friends and social media followers!

 Follow on twitter: @Vet24seven



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