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Confidence the Cure

How important is confidence?

Let me share three stories on confidence and why it’s important.

The first story is from my football playing days.  I began my collegiate football career at powerhouse University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Although as a freshman I got to play a small amount, win a conference championship and go to a national championship, I was not happy being there.

A man who I had known since my early years in high school named Stan Zweifel instilled the confidence in me.  While I was at UW-Whitewater, we were getting ready to fly to Virginia for the national championship game.  Two days before we left, I got word that he was named the head coach at the University of Dubuque.  Right then, I knew that’s where I would be the next fall.

The University of Dubuque football team hadn’t won a conference championship in three decades and the team’s performance was brutal the years leading to our arrival there.  But every day Coach Z told us that we would win a conference championship – he guaranteed it.

The first two years were rough, building years.  But my senior year he led us to the conference championship game, where we won.  If not for his confidence which was close to and probably is cockiness we would not have been there.  We would not have survived the tough, long days and seasons of loosing.  Because even as a team who was at five hundred and below, he would tell us how great we are, and how great we were going to become. Not only would he tell us, he would tell everyone! That’s confidence.

My second story is with a current project I am involved in, of which I am a Co-Founder – Vet24Seven.  Our CEO, who has decades of experience in the technology sector has confidence.  He has raised $100+ million dollars for other ventures and knows we are going to reach our goals.  He talks big, and has big ideas to back them up.  His voice is always strong, and he is never hesitant.  He makes the rest of his team, who are also very confident people, believe that this can be a company worth $800 million one day once we branch out into other areas of emphasis.  Confidence!

My third story is about a friend, Saree Zweifel (Coach Z’s daughter), who through Girls on Target (located in San Diego) builds a young girls/woman’s confidence.  She is making a living, doing something she loves, by raising CONFIDENCE levels!

Confidence is obviously a huge deal and many people recognize this.  Confidence makes you feel comfortable with who you are, what you do, and not worry about the haters.  Confidence let’s you live a joyful life and is a stress reducer.  Confidence is something that everyone has, some just initially have trouble letting it shine.  Confidence allows you to carry out your life’s dreams no matter what they be.

Be confident in what you do, who you are, where you are going.  Be confident in yourself and feel the weight come off your shoulders.


Today’s Media

You are what you read, watch, listen, and study.

What are you filling your brain with?

The world is full of negativity; and apparently America digs it.

Don’t watch the news.  When was the last time you watched the news and felt good about yourself, others, and/or the world in general?  Rarely if ever!

Instead of watching the news, read books of things that interest you.  Listen to and watch podcasts that teach you how to act upon your passions and dream.  Study how you can reach your goals.

Do I watch tv? Very minimally.  And when I do it is either a tv show that is on Netflix such as Breaking Bad, or ESPN.  I stopped watching the news a little more than half a year ago.

Media is a business. They are going to show and put on the news things that will attract eyeballs, and in America, people are infatuated with the negative, they get caught up in it.  FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC are a few that drive me nuts.

The politically world being what it is today, is causing me to be completely unplugged.  When in airports and these shows are on I always listen to what others around me say.  Their reactions intrigue me and this is exactly what is wrong with America today: People do not listen to what the person speaking has to say; they instead see the little (R) or (D) after their name and immediately judge – “Oh, those damn Republicans” or “Man, I hate those Democrats.”

If you get caught up in that, you will never accomplish what you are destined.  The world has been the same for thousands of years.  And it will be the same for thousands to come.  How you ask?  This world is always filled with opportunity mixed with difficulty.

Take advantage of every opportunity by continuing your education yourself.  Read, write, study what you love.  Turn your passion into something that helps the greater good, and in return you will live a good life.

Just turn off the news!

Setting Goals

Many times people overshoot.

What do I mean?

I believe in huge goals.  Big Audacious Goals (B.A.G.s), in fact I have set many for myself and I expect you to set them for yourself as well.  We all know that being realistic is a high-speed freeway to a life of mediocrity.

But how are you setting your goals?

The most successful people in the world create business plans and goals that reach out 20 and 30+ years.  You have to be able to cast a vision that far out for you to reach your B.A.G.

Here is the problem with many peoples goals and their overall outlook: A majority of people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

Why do people do this?

The human race wants to be instantly gratified.  They want what they desire, and they want their desire to happen now.  For many, this leads to very quick disappointment and a thought process of; “I’ll never get there.”

Instead, look at it in a different perspective.  What can you do today, this week, that will get you what you desire in five years?  Take your B.A.G. and break it down.  Make daily, weekly, monthly goals, that help you get started towards that goal.  Not only does this help build confidence, but it will rack up momentum as well.

So never give up on your B.A.G., in fact set more!  But break them down, and take a step today, a step tomorrow and soon you will arrive.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Before any big decision in life, you most likely feel nervous; unsure of your ability to make the correct decision.  One moment you picture the best outcome and the next you picture the worst.  This happens all the time when looking at investments, relationships, where to go to school, etc, etc.


With over analysis comes paralysis.  And there is nothing worse than not making a decision.

Here are three questions to ask yourself that has helped me through many situations.

1) What is the best thing that could happen?

2) What is the worst thing that could happen?

3) What is the most likely to happen?

This can help you visualize how much risk you are taking.

If the best thing that can happen far out weighs the worst thing that can happen – go for it.  But, do not forget about the most likely thing to happen.  Too often people only look at the absolute best and worst outcomes, ignoring what is most likely to happen.

So the next time you are facing a potential life changing decision, ask yourself ALL THREE of the above questions.

“Dude, what are you going to say!?”

This weekend I am speaking in front of 300 to 500 people at “Diamonds in the Rough” an AdvoCare event in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sharing the news with my AdvoCare teammates, who will be in attendance, their immediate reaction was, “DUUUUUUDE, what are you going to say!? Did you write something out?  Are you going to use a notecard, with some keywords?”

My answers: “Kind of, no and no!”

I previously wrote a post giving tips (which work for me) while public speaking which you can view here.

I was quite shocked and honored when asked last Saturday to speak at this up-coming event.  Being the largest event I have spoken at, in front of more than I’ve spoken in front of before, I immediately thought, “Okay, what do I have to do to prepare?”  Then I realized, just do what you normally do.  Act as if it is the normal attendance of 20, 40 or 60. Don’t change it up now.

Throughout the week, this is what I have done to prepare. It wasn’t much different from my mental preparation of a college football game.

1) While laying in bed, I would close my eyes and envision the day of the speech, from the time I wake up, until the time I am done speaking – all positive thoughts.

2) With my eyes still closed, in my mind, I piece my thoughts together of my attention getter (which will come full circle at the end of the speech) and an introduction; my story of which will take up two of my ten minutes on stage. Go to sleep

4) The next nights I thought about what I would talk about.  My key points.  This is best in threes.  I came up with the three things that I believe have made my AdvoCare business jump out to a quick start. Then went to bed again.

5) Freestyle rehearsal.  What I mean by this is to start from the attention getter, go through the introduction and then start to develop your three main points and your closer.  I find it best to do this in the car while I’m driving.  It is important in a “freestyle rehearsal” to speak out loud to yourself, using real emotion. WARNING: Other drivers will give you weird looks! The thing about these rehearsals, I have not once done it the same.  There is always a small, sometimes a big twist and change.

That is it.  I keep it simple.  I find that if you add note cards, or something to look at, a guide it becomes a distraction to yourself. And stay away from power point!  The real way to use power point is to have pictures or a visual display.  If you need all of your key points on Powerpoint, you really do not know what you are talking about.

That being said, I am never scared of failure, and I am confident that everything will be fantastic.