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Build Your Fortune, Not Someone Else’s

Funny story, at least to me.

A friend, I wouldn’t say close friend, but a friend from college graduated last spring and got a job instantly.  He had a lot of offers to choose from and it took him awhile to decide.  Once he did, he lasted the summer, but now, after a total of 4 months working there, he quit.

This is someone who has shown an interest in what I do with AdvoCare. (I dare you to watch this video and then get ahold of me!)  I have told him many times about the opportunity and how I could help him.  He always says, “Not yet” or “Maybe soon, once life settles down.”

So once he quit I approached him about AdvoCare, and he was willing to listen – again.  He even got excited about it this time.

After I told him how much it has grown for myself and others who I have helped and where we are going with it, his response was, “Honestly, I just need to find a job now, stuff is crazy, I have no idea what I want to do.”


This is the problem.  He thinks if he changes jobs things will be better, different from before. The truth is, he won’t happy working for someone else.  He will not be happy working days, weeks, months, years on someone else’s fortune.  He is just to scared, to do what he really wants.

Whether he gets involved in AdvoCare is indifferent to me.  I know where I am going, I don’t really care who decides to come with because whoever does and let’s us help will be successful.

What do I hate seeing?

I hate seeing so many people so capable of doing great things being to scared to chase their dreams.

Don’t have any regrets!  Getting a 9-5 while you start chasing your dream is fine.  But start something on the side that is your own.  Something you are passionate about and put sometime into it.  You will be amazed with where you are at a year from now.

Why do you want to get an hourly wage building someone elses fortune for them, when you have a passion that can start building your fortune today!?

Don’t be scared, and if you are face the fear and JUST DO IT! (Being confident might help)


3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Before any big decision in life, you most likely feel nervous; unsure of your ability to make the correct decision.  One moment you picture the best outcome and the next you picture the worst.  This happens all the time when looking at investments, relationships, where to go to school, etc, etc.


With over analysis comes paralysis.  And there is nothing worse than not making a decision.

Here are three questions to ask yourself that has helped me through many situations.

1) What is the best thing that could happen?

2) What is the worst thing that could happen?

3) What is the most likely to happen?

This can help you visualize how much risk you are taking.

If the best thing that can happen far out weighs the worst thing that can happen – go for it.  But, do not forget about the most likely thing to happen.  Too often people only look at the absolute best and worst outcomes, ignoring what is most likely to happen.

So the next time you are facing a potential life changing decision, ask yourself ALL THREE of the above questions.