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Southern Florida Hunt, Fish & Vacation

Alert, alert, alert.

For those who love to travel and possess a fancy for adventure stay tuned.

This Friday myself, along with 3 close friends will be traveling to southern Florida.   Our adventures will take us to Fort Lauderdale the first night, the Florida Keys for shark fishing Saturday, and central Florida for boar/migratory bird hunting on Sunday.

We will be video documenting our trip and I hope to post them at the end of each day.  At the latest everything will be up Tuesday night.

You never know what you will get out of this group of amateurs, but last year I was able to reel in an 8 foot 150 pound shark, and stabbed my first boar.  It is unlikely I will successfully shoot a migratory bird as shooting the broad side of your neighbors barn would challenge me.

Our cast will include; a long time avid outdoors man (Bergy), a country boy who caught his first fish in his mid 30’s (Brad), a fishing/hunting addict who likes to think he knows what he’s talking about 🙂 (Drew), and myself, who frankly knows nothing about fishing or hunting.

Prepare for a comical adventure.

Beginner or expert, feel free to share your hunting/fishing experiences!