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More Phone Calls, More Success

A few weeks ago I was bored.  Normally my mind races 1,000x more than the next person, but when I’m bored is when it really takes off.  I like my ADD.

I started wondering what determines success?

Obviously a lot goes into this equation.  But what I find is that days I spend a lot of time on the phone means a great reward over the next few days, weeks, months – more importantly years.

What is a lot of time?

When I say spending a lot of time on the phone I’m not talking about chit-chatting, bull shitting, complaining, or gossiping.  I am talking about getting things accomplished.  So when I was bored I went back through my phones history from a few days earlier.  In one 18 hour span, I was on the phone 89 times.  This was incoming and outgoing.  The number also includes 12 outgoing calls that went unanswered and 6 incoming calls that were unanswered.

Three of those calls were 3 way calls I did with my AdvoCare business builders and their new potential business builders.  Those calls are expected to be longer, and they were in fact the longest of the day – all around 20 minutes. A majority of the other calls ranged from 2 to 3 minutes – some were less & very few were more. Straight and to the point.

So what all did I have going on at that point in time that had that many calls?

AdvoCare.  3 way calls, quick calls to the up line, quick calls to the ever-growing down line, and checking in with current retail customers who just started product.  Also reaching out to those who are interested in product or the business, but have yet to pull the trigger.

Real Estate. This was a few days before we closed on the property. Numerous calls to and from the attorney, real estate agent, title company, the to be mortgage holder, our builder and my dad. Also had to call the electric, sewer & water, and disposal companies.

App 1 – SkeePet.  Our designer, developer, and my dad.

App 2 – Vet24Seven. Our business team of 8, the Co-Founders; including dad, and the CEO of Recom Technologies in Silicon Valley.

Where it stands out most is in my AdvoCare business.  The more I am on the phone with our great team, the more success I see down the road.  It is less visible with the Apps and real estate because those are longer term projects.  I would love to somehow have my stats from my phone automatically saved (they already are) and reported to me in a cool chart.

Cell phones make productivity increase exponentially if you use them correctly.


Around the World in .4 Seconds

Republic of Korea, South Africa, Chile; all the way to Australia.  Word press stats shows my  blog has multiple viewings from these countries, and many more, in the past week.  WHAT!?  How crazy is that?  In just four-tenths of a second blogs become global.  What a phenomenon!

FOUR-TENTHS OF A SECOND!  That is the default time setting, for your computer to recognize a double-click.

That quickly something is sent around the world.  When Tom Scott, Cornelius Vanderbilt &  John D. Rockefeller were in business, relay took days for written messages to travel across a few states!  In fact, when Andrew Carnegie spent time in Scotland and allowed his business partner, Henry Flick, to call the shots at his Pittsburgh steel mill; it took just over a month for the two receive a written letter from the other!  That was in the early 1890’s- just 123 years ago!

It makes you wonder what communication models will be like ten, fifty, one-hundred years from now.  How much more efficient can it get?  How much more incredible?  Can something really make it around the world in less time than it takes a single click of the mouse?

Quantum communication is something that is always thrown into the ring.  Will it replace the internet?

What’s quantum communication?

Quantum communication was originally defined by Yao in 1979. (The previous link was a lecture given at NYU- extremely hard to follow!  Click here and scroll to section “1.3 Quantum Communication” for a summary of the lecture that is MUCH easier to follow.)  How I conceptualize the theory in easiest terms: a communication model consisting of two or more people (organisms, atoms) reading the other’s brain due to interference that is impossible to overcome.

Basic example: The formula is x + y = z.  Sue knows the value of x, and Ron knows the value of y.  They must now come together to solve the equation as they each have part of the equation.  There is a “noise”, a “faulty link” between the two; they can’t talk, can’t give singles, can’t even look at each other.  But are still able to solve the equation.

Sound impossible?  That’s what many scientists and researchers are saying.  But haven’t entrepreneurs been told that before?  Everything ever accomplished, that was worth accomplishing, was tagged impossible.  Extraordinary things bring even more doubt by naysayers and/or “experts.”

How will you read this article in year 2113?  Models of communication will evolve.  How, who and when are the remaining questions.

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